This is my first official review 😀

I’ll try rating the drama without spoiling 😉

I’ll start by reviewing my favourite Japanese Drama of all times : Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku. But first some info :

Country: Japan

Genres: Comedy, Investigation, Detective

Date aired: Oct 10, 2015 to Dec 12, 2015

Episodes : 10

Episode lenght : 40min

This is the story of a young woman who excels at work, she is a wonderful detective who is exceptional at resolving any mystery. However she forgets everything once she falls asleep…not very convenient right ? So she has to resolve anything within 24 hours…or she will have to start everything all over again.

The lead actors are extremely kawaii, what you would expect from any Japanese drama ahah. They have great chemistry, however if you are looking for some extreme romance this is not the drama for you. It has its adorable moments, but there is no passionate love story. There is one love story though but the main focus is on the mysteries.

The thing that makes this drama unlike any other is the perfect combination between suspens and comedy. I dare you to try and solve the mysteries yourself while watching it’s quite unpredictable… If you are feeling low or sad this drama will lift up you mood without a doubt.

So here are the final scores :

Plot : 10/10

Plot twists : 10/10

Humour : 10/10

Romance 6.5/10

Kawaiiness: 10/10

Acting : On point !